About Western UNITE HERE and Employers Pension Fund

The Plan was originally established January 1, 1971, was amended and restated effective December 31, 2001, and was again amended on December 30, 2002, February 20, 2003, December 21, 2009, and December 31, 2014.  Throughout the Plan's history, it has been updated continuously to keep up with the changes in the law.  Many of these changes have resulted in important benefit improvements and added protections for Employees and their spouses.  The Trustees have also amended the Plan, from time to time, to add new benefits (such as Disability, Early Retirement, and Death Benefits), to increase the benefit schedules and the amount of income you will receive at retirement, and to shorten the time required to become vested in your benefits.

On January 1, 2024, the Southern Nevada Culinary and Bartenders Pension fund, along with four other west coast UNITE HERE pension funds (Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle) merged into the Western UNITE HERE and Employers Pension Fund (the “Western Pension Fund”).  Any benefits participants earned in any of the merging plans before the merger did not change. Also, all service in the areas covered by the merging plans will apply towards the vesting rules for entitlement to a benefit under the Western Pension Fund.

 The Western Pension Fund is better positioned to weather economic downturns and financial crises because the Fund covers a broader, more geographically diverse contribution base of employees in the gaming, hospitality, restaurant and food-service industries. The merger also has resulted in administrative efficiencies and improved investment opportunities.

We hope you will share with us our enthusiasm for the Plan and the added measure of retirement security it provides for those who work in the culinary, bartending, and hospitality industry.